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Refereed Publications

Ramonda, K. (2024). Raising the bar: Enhancing study design and validity in L2 idiom research. Review of Cognitive Linguistics. Advance online publication.  


Ramonda, K. (2022). A double-edged sword: Metaphor and metonymy through pictures for learning idioms. IRAL, 60(3), 523-561.


Ramonda, K. (2020). Extensive reading and class readers: The case for no choice. ELT Journal, 74(3), 277-286


Ramonda, K., & Sevigny, P. (2019). Graded reader comprehension questions and item discrimination analysis. ELT Journal, 73(3), 265-274.


Ramonda, K. (2019). The role of encyclopedic world knowledge in semantic transparency intuitions of idioms. English Language & Linguistics, 23(1), 31-53.


Ramonda, K. (2016). A bone of contention. Teacher beliefs on the pedagogical value of English idioms for second language learners. The Reading Matrix: An International Online Journal, 16(2), 131-143.


Pahom, O., Farley, A., & Ramonda, K. (2015). Are the best language learners from Mars or Venus? Gender and vocabulary acquisition in the L2 Spanish classroom. The Reading Matrix: An Online International Journal, 15(1), 158-172.


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Ramonda, K. (2012). The four strands of vocabulary learning: Reaching a crossroads of practice and research.Vocabulary Education & Research Bulletin, 1, 5-7.

Book Chapters

Ramonda, K. (2014). Goldberg's construction grammar. In J. Littlemore & J. R. Taylor (Eds.), Bloomsbury Companion to Cognitive Linguistics (pp. 60-71). London, UK: Bloomsbury.

Non-Refereed Publications

Allen, T., & Ramonda, K. (2023). Study abroad during a pandemic: The impact of remote learning and social distancing on student experiences. Journal of Foreign Language Studies, 28, 93-108.


Ramonda, K. (2017). The effects of implementing online extensive reading in the English classroom. 東京理科大学紀要(教養編), 49, 291-305.

Ramonda, K. (2012). On processing relative clauses in head-final languages. Evidence of coping mechanisms for working memory. Polyglossia, 22, 35-46.

Book Reviews (invited)

Ramonda, K. (2019). Review of Intercultural Interventions in Study Abroad by J. Jackson and S. Oguro (Eds.). JALT Journal 41(2), 164-166.

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